Why Choose Tagteam

Tagteam Australia is a small business that has grown to national proportions, now operating in every state of Australia and servicing all region with intentions to begin operations in New Zealand in the near future. In this sense, we have the experience and expertise to manage all of your electrical maintenance needs whilst still maintaining our small business roots and focus on providing a well rounded service for the customer.

We know we are the perfect choice as your service provider for appliance test and tag and your other preventative needs but why should you believe us and what can we provide for you?

11 Reasons why Tagteam are Australia’s # 1 Choice for Qualified Testing and Tagging services

1. Cost Savings

We provide a simple and easy to use action plan and online reporting interface. We run you through and educate you on everything you need to know around compliance and risk assessment laws and legislation to help you better understand your own needs to manage costs.

It is sometimes the case when dealing with other ‘Tag & Test’ companies that they look for areas to over service to create additional charges.

At Tagteam we provide premium service by constantly looking for ways to save you money whilst providing the highest level of service & safety available in the market today.

2. Complete Support

Your people have centralised access to our call centre providing 24/7 support and full account management of your needs. Every contact will be recorded for reporting purposes through our secure systems.

3. Planning Ahead

We schedule all calendar maintenance 12 months in advance and make contact with on site staff 3 weeks prior to scheduled maintenance to arrange suitable time and cater to busy schedules and availability.

4. Reporting & Transparency

All information is captured and recorded accurately online available at your fingertips. We can structure all reporting based on the clients requirements and it is available live online 24/7 to view anywhere in the world.

5. National Coverage

We have our people stationed at every capital city and many in between and we fly to areas most people won’t go to. We deliver you service that can’t be beaten. From the Pilbara to Mt Isa we have you covered we go where the others won’t!

And in terms of legalities, we hold Electrical Contractors Licences in every state along with BSA Accreditation. Tagteam have extensive knowledge in state-by-state variations in legislation and will implement these on your behalf.

6. We Cover the Travel

As we have clients nationally and our team are posted in all major cities and some in-between we never charge travel to the client and include it as a part of the outstanding level of service we provide. We come to you and we turn up on time every time guaranteed.

7. Qualified, Licensed & Experienced & Master Electricians

At Tagteam we have combined experience of over one hundred years in electrical services. Our onsite crew are Qualified Licensed Electricians who have been trained by us and work to the highest possible service & safety standards.

Tagteam will provide additional value by being able to perform most electrical repairs on site on the spot rather than having to bring in additional resources potentially causing delays in productivity and additional costs.

As Master Electricians, you can be sure you are choosing the highest level of quality and electrical safety.

8. Reliability and Consistency

No matter the location, whether it is a small isolated site like Liquorland Kununurra or a large corporate office like Woolworths Bella Vista the delivery of the service will be identical without the client incurring additional costs. Unlike our competitors we have no reliance on sub-contractors or franchisees to deliver our services so we can guarantee the integrity and consistency of our solution in all faculties and sites Australia wide.

9. Risk Assessment

Where needed we also provide onsite risk assessments in high risk environments where compliance is required.

10. Guaranteed Quality Assurance

Our Quality & Assurance team are employed to ensure total satisfaction for our clients. This team independently audits our testing teams live on site and post testing. They complete this as a performance review, a visual perspective and how the client viewed their work.

11. Trusted by Australias’ most recognized brands

You will have peace of mind knowing that some of Tagteam Australia’s national clients include Woolworths Ltd, Fantastic Holdings and O’Brien Glass who accept nothing but the best when it comes to electrical safety in the workplace. You’re in good hands with Tagteam Australia.

Tagteam Australia are an independently owned small business – we are large enough to complete all electrical maintenance services at all sites in Australia and provide competitive pricing to every business but still small enough to guarantee our quality and maintain great customer service.

Put us to the test and contact us to arrange an appliance test and tag or preventative maintenance package for your business. Call us now on 1300 368 042.