Thermal Imaging

Imagine you get a call from your staff one morning… one of your electrical switchboards has caught fire. Your pulse starts racing. Which one was it?

Which one do you hope it’s not?

If you run a restaurant, what’s going to happen if one of your freezers or refrigeration units suddenly stops receiving power? How much is it going to cost to replace all your lost stock?

If you rely on data servers, what’s going to happen to your business if there’s an electrical fire that destroys one of your hard drives? How much is it going to cost to recover?

What if you could keep that money in your pocket, save money on insurance premiums, and save time?

With thermal imaging, or Thermography, our expert technicians can find future problem areas that are invisible to the naked eye.

Here’s how it works:

Before switchboards and other electrical equipment fails, it begins to slowly deteriorate. As it deteriorates, it produces heat, or “hot spots.” These hot spots cannot be seen in visible light, but they can be seen using an infrared camera.


By using highly sensitive thermal imaging equipment, our team can pinpoint these anomalies before they fail and cause damage to your assets, or even worse: start a fire.

When you call Tagteam to schedule your thermal imaging appointment, we’ll send our qualified, highly skilled electricians to your property with our latest cutting edge thermal imagers to spot problems before they become a hazard to you, your business, and your people.


We can use our sophisticated Thermography techniques to inspect for hot spots on a range of equipment types, including:

  • Switchboards
  • Control Panels
  • Distribution Boards
  • Mechanical Switchboards
  • Main Switchboards

When you schedule your thermal imaging inspection for you business, you’ll also want to check with your insurance company to ask if they’re one of the many providers who offer a discount on their insurance premiums for companies that engage in proactive maintenance inspections, such as Thermography.

All thermographic scans are carried out by Tagteam with consideration to AS 3000: Electrical installations and are performed at a peak load time by our qualified A Grade electricians and detailed reports are available through the Valid8 system.

Save yourself the money, your time, and the headache of damaged equipment by calling Tagteam today to get your free thermal imaging quote.

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