RCD Testing

Residual Current Devices (RCDs) are electrical safety switches designed to prevent fatalities. When a faulty appliance is plugged into your electrical system, or when a person accidentally touches an energized piece of equipment, it’s critical that the electrical supply is cut off in an instant. RCDs save lives every year, but like all types of electrical equipment, they’re prone to wear and tear. When an RCD device is no longer functioning at full capacity, the stakes are high. One wrong step could mean electrocution. Tagteam will keep your business compliant and safe by completing your RCD testing and replacing any failed devices on site. This testing is required under the WHS  Act 2011 and AS/NZS 3760 which recommend Push Button Testing every 6 months and Time Testing annually. Tagteam’s technicians are experienced, qualified electricians who can replace any failed RCDs while on site, an important part of our testing solutions when you consider the impact of failed RCD. Failed RCDs can result in extensive downtime, disruptions to your normal operations and costly replacement and call-out fees as well as placing unnecessary risks to the safety of your staff. We will schedule your RCD testing through our Valid8 system to ensure you don’t need to worry about due dates and compliance again. This testing can be packaged with our comprehensive maintenance solutions to save your business time and money.