Tagteam offer a wide range of pricing options and will customize a proposal for your business based on your individual needs including the number of sites, locations, the quantity of items to be tested and the bundling of different services.

Per item pricing

One method of pricing used by Tagteam are individual rates based on the number of items to be tested. This is the simplest way of quoting but it will normally involve a minimum site fee for each location that requires testing.

Bulk pricing

Bulk pricing offers Tagteam’s clients value for money by applying one price for every location, regardless of how many items are to be tested. This allows the client to forecast and accurately budget for all upcoming maintenance, and offers savings for each individual site.

Comprehensive pricing

Tagteam can also provide comprehensive pricing to include maintenance and replacement. This requires a lot of information on the clients part but can offer greater value and forecasting opportunities.

If your business requires a different method of pricing, Tagteam can normally cater to these requirements. Call our team on 1300 368 042 to discuss a pricing model for electrical, fire and HVAC maintenance.

In addition to these pricing methods, Tagteam can also customise the invoicing process to suit your accounts team. Some of the invoicing processes currently used by Tagteam are:

  • Individual invoice, issued for each site once the inspections has been completed

  • Consolidated invoice for all works completed in a given month

  • Progress invoices for annual contract amount

Again, these invoicing processes can be tailored to the clients requirements