On Site repairs

One of the many benefits of choosing Tagteam is our ability to complete most repairs on site. We understand that when an item essential to your daily operations fails, you want it fixed quickly. For these reasons we have taken several measure to ensure your business continues as normal. Qualified Electricians Each Service Team comprises of a Service Technician and a fully Qualified Electrician. Our electricians can repair leads, replace plugs, change out failed RCDs, replace failed emergency and exit light fittings and also replace damaged fire protection equipment in most cases. In the event that we can not repair the item (manufacturing fault, too close to the appliance etc), our electricians will determine an appropriate course of action after discussing the problem and requirements with the site manager. We carry a wide range of equipment Each Service Team vehicle is fitted with a standard stock kit, comprising of replacements for items that deteriorate over time and special parts not usually found on the shelf at your electrical wholesaler. It is this feature that differentiates Tagteam as we have the parts on hand. We use quality, recognised brands that are sure to be effective for your business, including: Clevertronics and Legrand LED emergency and exit lights – spitfires, exits and battens all carried in energy efficient LED type fittings to ensure the repair will last. LED fittings have a longer life expectancy than traditional fluoros and are environmentally friendly Clipsal plugs for lead repairs Schneider, QELDO, NHP and Eaton RCDs in a variety of sizes Flamestop extinguishers, blankets and signage We only use brands and parts that we would use here in our business or within our homes so you know it is of the best quality yet still affordable Ability to source parts quickly Strategic partnerships with MM Electrical Merchandising, Clevertronics, Kennards Hire, Coates Hire, Specialised Lighting Solutions and Flamestop allow Tagteam to source special parts that may be required at one of your sites quickly and efficiently to maintain compliance at your site. Our buying power means we can source your parts at a competitive rate and pass the savings on to you. Tagteam’s ongoing commitment to providing the highest quality in electrical maintenance services with competitive prices is why we do complete your repairs on site wherever possible. Why not give our office a call to discuss a Testing & Maintenance Solution for your business? Call now on 1300 368 042.