Jacob Digger, Joint Managing Director

Jacob Digger is both a highly qualified electrician and Managing Director at Tagteam. Jacob has combined his technical expertise of the electrical industry with business partner Troy Bolwell to form a business with the sole purpose of providing complete electrical maintenance solutions for commercial customers.

Jacobs’ extensive knowledge of the electrical industry is based on a successful career as an electrician and further qualifications as a Level 2 accredited electrician. Jacob is a mentor to the electricians within the business and provides advice as needed.

In addition to his technical role, Jacob is actively involved in all aspects of managing the business, including the development of Safe Work Methods Statements, policies and procedures and Work Health and Safety management.

Jacob is proud of the growth Tagteam  has seen as a result of offering quality electrical maintenance solutions to Australian businesses of all size.

You can connect with Jacob via LinkedIn or on 1300 368 042.