Co2 Calibrations

All beverage dispensing machines that store Co2 need to be constantly monitored to ensure gas is not leaking from the system. A popular and effective option is the use of a Co2 monitor which will alarm when gas is detected.

Co2 monitors and their sensors should be calibrated and maintained every 6 months in accordance with the manufacturers instructions and warnings, as well as AS/NZS 60079: Electrical apparatus for explosive gas atmospheres and AS 2865: Confined spaces.

Tagteam can assist with the supply and installation of Co2 Monitors as well as on-going calibrations and maintenance. The 6 monthly inspections are combined with Tagteam’s other 6 monthly services, such as RCD testing, emergency and exit light testing and portable fire equipment inspections to offer value to clients in comprehensive maintenance packages.

With clients in pubs, clubs, bars, hotels, convenience stores and petrol stations across Australia, Tagteam are an experienced, preferred supplier of Co2 monitor calibrations and inspections.