Case Studies

Compliance Testing

Tagteam have been completing Compliance Testing services for clients for over 10 years. Some examples of this experience are:

Woolworths Limited: Tagteam have been completing electrical maintenance such as appliance test and tag, RCD switchboard testing emergency and exit light testing and on site repairs at Woolworths Limited sites (Woolworths supermarkets, Big W, BWS, Dan Murphy’s, Dick Smith Electronics, and Woolworths Petrol Plus) since 2006. Tagteam now work directly for Woolworths Limited with an extended service agreement including thermal scanning of switchboards, generator inspections and maintenance, lighting re-lamping, power factor correction checks and switchboard maintenance. Tagteam continue to service over 5000 sites per annum on behalf of Woolworths Limited, reaching remote areas such as Broome, Alice Springs, Broken Hill and Mt Isa.

The management of this contract involves 12 monthly planning of programmed maintenance and staff schedules and monthly reporting to the client. The monthly reporting involves a review of all work scheduled and completed, status of work orders raised, invoicing and status of all quality management, work health safety and technological initiatives.

Landmark: Highlighting Tagteam ability to service in regional and remote areas we currently support 358 sites. Landmark is an agricultural support network for all farming nationally. This contract involves visiting all 358 stores twice a year for appliance test and tag, RCD switchboard testing, emergency and exit light testing, all fire, HVAC testing, on site repairs and adhoc electrical works.

Officeworks Superstores: Tagteam began completing Electrical Maintenance at all Officeworks stores in June of 2012. This work was initially conducted as a subcontractor, but Officeworks chose to work directly with Tagteam in May 2013 as a result of Tagteams improved quality management systems and communication methods.

This contract involves visiting all 160 stores twice a year for appliance test and tag, RCD switchboard testing, emergency and exit light testing, thermoscanning of switchboards, switchboard maintenance, power factor correction checks, on site repairs and adhoc electrical works.

Tagteam meet with Officeworks on a monthly basis to review their performance as a contractor and develop further improvements to the service delivery and contract management. In addition to in-person meetings, Officeworks are provided with quotes and work order update as well as a quality assurance spreadsheet, recording all works completed with scheduled and actual completion dates, and expected and actual quantities of works completed.

NSW Department of Education & Communities: Tagteam are currently working on the 2012-2015 contract for appliance testing, portable RCD testing and on site repairs. This involves testing 458 sites per annum in Southern NSW and Sydney regions, including primary and high schools, distance education facilities and hospital schools. Tagteam implemented a purpose-built system in order to meet the requirements of the contract. The Department uses 4 different contractors across NSW (one being Tagteam) and consistency was of primary importance. This meant developing and implementing an asset identification system with specified re-test frequencies and unique reports.

Tagteam developed the system following the contract requirements but also customised the software and testing systems and procedures to offer additional functions, such as removed and/or missing items and photos of failed items for WorkCover.

Tagteam also implemented barcoded sheets to improve service technician efficiency and measures to monitor and improve onsite efficiency.

The Reject Shop: Tagteam deliver the following services to The Reject Shop:

  1. Appliance test and tag

  2. RCD switchboard testing

  3. Emergency and exit light testing

  4. Lighting audits and relamping

  5. Fire protection equipment inspections

  6. On site repairs

  7. Reactive maintenance/on-call service

This contract began in July 2014 and Tagteam have been collecting information on all assets at the site in order to move towards a more comprehensive asset register that is stored online and readily available to the client.

Preventative maintenance is completed at each Reject Shop store before hours. This means that all testing must be scheduled before daily operations at the store normally start in order to complete shutdowns of sensitive IT equipment and to restart on completion of testing.

In addition to rolling out a new testing program for all Reject Shop stores, Tagteam also began completing reactive maintenance works on behalf of United Facilities Management. This has involved organising fire equipment installations at short notice and urgent electrical works at short notice.

Tagteam’s Valid8 Work Order Management system has allowed Tagteam to manage these work orders and ensure that all works are completed in accordance with their timeframes.

Reactive Works

Reactive works have been underway nationally for over 6 months for clients like Officeworks, The Reject Shop, The Just Group, Specialty Fashion Group and  Bank of Queensland. Other compliance testing clients are also beginning to use Tagteam’s on-call / reactive service for fire, data and electrical issues, such as Jeanswest.


Tagteam have been completing projects and minor works for several years and have successfully begun installation works during the last 18 months. This is evidenced through:

Officeworks – Installations and store fit outs
Tagteam are now conducting store fit outs and installations for fire equipment and new and refurbished Officeworks stores. This includes:

  1. The design, supply and installation of smoke detection systems.

  2. Supply and installation of all Portable fire equipment

  3. The design and installation of Emergency lights including upgrades.

  4. All levels of service in relation to AS 1851-2005 to 20015 conversion where required.

The Reject Shop – Minor works / fire equipment installations

In the last six months The Reject Shop have been opening a significantly greater amount of stores than normal. As part of the store fit out, Tagteam complete fire equipment installations and supply Fire Safety Certificates that are required for the Certificate of Occupancy and to allow the store to open. The normal process for this is as follows-

  1. The Reject Shop supply an annual store fit out / relocation plan

  2. Tagteam obtain site plans and the Fire Services Manager assesses what equipment will be required and where

  3. A quote is prepared and work order obtained from United Facilities Management

  4. Tagteam liaise with Project Coordinator to plan works in line with the construction schedule

  5. Works are completed and Certification is issued

Woolworths Distribution Centres – Minor works

As a result of the preventative maintenance testing completed at all Woolworths Limited retail sites and distribution centres repairs are also completed. For distribution centres this includes repair projects that span several months due to the volume of works required, such as emergency and exit light repairs that were recently completed at the Monarto SA distribution centre.

The Just Group – LED upgrades

Tagteam have been completing LED lighting upgrades at retail stores on behalf of The Just Group. These upgrades from fluorescent fittings are saving The Just Group considerably in terms of reduced energy consumption and ongoing maintenance costs.